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The Animation Council is a South African animation outsourcing company, committed to creating on-the-job training at scale, to build a sustainable Animation Industry. Laser-sharp focus is mandatory for everyone in the company, driven by a set of Six Magnificent Values, which you can learn more about HERE.

Our management team members all have more than 30 years of production experience and started the first 3D long form animation line in South Africa. Groundbreaking methodology, along with our unique approach to long form animation employed, remains innovative to this day.
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As a brand new company, we are on a mission to develop South African talent from grass roots level up. With both government and the private sector fully in support, we are able to offer a powerful combination of services.
At aniSEED we fast-track young talent to work as interns on animation service projects. We train specific skills sets, to fit into our deep knowledge base and unique way of working to output higher quality work, FASTER.
Animation Services
The perfect blend of high-end experience and skilled interns, deliver quality animation - at competitive prices - for all your  outsourced animation projects. We also have strong character designers and storyboard artists!
IP & Incubation Hub
Animation as a business, is the ultimate scaling exercise. The risks are many. We have access to top business minds and strategies to improve success and sustainability of animation startups in our HUB.
In our business, we work with superheroes every day. This is PARKER SUPERHERO; Parker is one of our many projects in development. But you can also click HERE to meet our amazing team of animators!

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Theart Korsten
Theart Korsten


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    Nico Steyn


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      Michael Wright


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