The disciplines of animation require the utmost spirit of collaboration and unity in any team . At The Animation Council, we plan to source and nurture the finest undiscovered talent, far and wide, to build our company.

It is our long-term vision to build a sustainable animation industry in SA. TAC will lead with excellence.

Laser-sharp focus is mandatory for everyone in the company to build towards an international animation box office hit.

This Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is driven by a set of Six Magnificent Values, which collectively, are sited as Presidential Behavior:

  • FOCUS on a singular vision of excellence in everything we do
  • Strong RELATIONSHIPS are at the core of our collaboration
  • ACCOUNTABILITY and a sense of responsibility towards our industry and ourselves will be fostered at all times
  • DELEGATION is key to our culture of trust
  • INTEGRITY, always, in all we do
  • AUTHENTICITY is at the hart of the stories we create

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