Ed & Eppa was a fantastic show to train people. There was just enough time to experiment and fine-tune till we were happy with the results, but also enough animation to put serious pressure on the team.

Being a theatre lighting major, with some twenty years of lighting my own commercials and imaging in 3D, particularly the lighting was going to set our show apart from the rest. During the early tests I had animators test multiple positions, intensities and color temperatures on the subjects to better match the characters to the real life backgrounds we had to work with.

In those days it was unheard of to work with color temperatures. But everyone caught on quickly. We had a grid of colors that would be matched to the the backgrounds in terms of key light, fill, back ground and back lighting influences for each shot. From there, the lighting guy would begin t play with lighting positions to match backgrounds end eventually work on intensities to get a perfect match.

It was much later that Renderman and other tools began to concentrate on color temperatures. To this day I still maintain that one gets a better comp if you can make as much of the magic as possible happen in camera, and I think the same is true for 3D too…

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