• (3D, 52 episodes x 7 minutes – in pre-production)
  • Educational, Teaching Kids how to Think
  • Based upon the work of Dr Edward de Bono

It was a quiet afternoon. The storm was over as suddenly as it had appeared. But in its wake it left a little green frog who would change things in the garden forever!

Ed Frog is an upbeat little amphibian who arrives in the garden due to a freak of nature. But that doesn’t get him down.
His wild imagination soon conjures up   lots of great friends, right there in his new home. And if he concentrates hard enough, they even come to life…





Don Featherstone is Ed’s flamboyant friend in the garden. He often tends to get carried away in moments of panic, but he is the reliable soul who usually stumbles upon the heart of a solution.
Reinhardt Gnome is cast in solid concrete and is constantly stuck with a heavy wheelbarrow in-hand, which doesn’t make him the happiest of Ed Frog’s friends. Worse even, when Ed tunes out his attention, this concrete bundle of bliss often needs to hold a pose for what seems an eternity before his green friend returns…
And then there’s Elvis, the neighbor’s dog!

Ed Frog is inspired by the DAT Thinking tools of Dr Edward de Bono, world-renowned innovator who first coined the phrase Lateral Thinking. Much of de Bono’s work is focused to teach thinking skills to children. We have his blessing to develop this exciting series to pass on that knowledge and change a few lives in the process.

While 3D characters and broad concepts have been developed, we are now in the process of writing the first draft script of a pilot episode, whilst we look for production partners work with.